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Throwback – March 18, 2013

Here I present to you the last throwback of this series! Which means it’s time to start photographing and posting current outfits again…

I saw this sweater on the internet, and I was helpless. The hearts. The colors. The loose weave. *faints*

The second picture shows the results of my Great Sandal Purge of 2013. These were all donated, because they just weren’t walkable for me. Not enough support and/or difficult to buckle and/or a bit too small.

  • sweater – on sale for $27 at
  • knit ponte jeans – Not Your Daughter’s Jeans: Desiree via
  • booties – Blowfish: Haha
  • earrings – thrifted

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Throwback – August 25, 2013

Looking back at this outfit, I love the pattern mixing in the cardigan and dress. Swirls and chevrons really work together here, I think, perhaps because they are both neutrals. The pops of orange and olive are also winners in my book. My cousin thoughtfully and generously gave me this gorgeous leather purse in my favorite shade of orange. Thanks, Kiki! 

  • dress – thrifted
  • chevron striped cardigan – Ann Taylor LOFT 
  • necklace – thrifted
  • shoes – Dansko: Serena in Chino; available in select colors/sizes on ebay
  • purse – Nardelli, gift from my cousin

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Throwback - June 10, 2013

I wore this to a wedding this summer. The shoes are vintage and thrifted, and though I adored the look of them, they were terribly uncomfortable, so I gave them back to the thrift shop.

  • dress – Modcloth
  • cardigan – Ann Taylor LOFT
  • shoes – thrifted

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Throwback – April 26, 2013

I think this outfit would have looked better with jeans, or maybe just pants that are ironed :-) The cardigan is a bit tight, and is currently on probation as to whether or not it stays in my closet.

  • Top and Cardi – Target
  • Pants – Lane Bryant
  • Necklace – Modcloth
  • Earrings – thrifted (and also sideways!)
  • Kitty-cat pins – still available at theblackapple

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Throwback – March 31, 2013

Packing for a trip this weekend, and I like this outfit so much that I am taking every piece of it with me to wear again!

  • dress – thrifted
  • tights – Avenue
  • shoes – Fluevog Prepare: Guide in Turquoise
  • Necklace – Ten Thousand Villages
  • Hair Bands – drug store

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sockdreams is a super cool website that sells socks for every occasion, as well as gloves, garters, petticoats, leg warmers, arm warmers and even washing supplies. And the best part? Free shipping on all orders. Since I’ve been buying from sockdreams for a while, and all sorts of wintery holidays are coming up soon, I thought I might as well do a giveaway! 

What can I win?

An E-gift certificate valid only on sockdreams for 30 USD. 

What are the rules?

Reblog and like to enter! You may reblog as many times as you like, but I’m not sure tumblr counts more than one reblog in the notes. 

You do not have to be following me, but if you do I will tack on an undetermined amount of money to your winnings. 

Since this is an email friendly giveaway, you do not have to give me your address, but you will have to give me a valid email address for which to send the certificate to if you win!!

December 16th, 2013 is the absolute deadline for entries. The winner will be notified as soon as they are chosen. If the winner does not reply within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen. 

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Throwback V – February 20, 2013

Bonus points if you can find both cats doing their best unobtrusive photobombing!

  • Tie-front cardigan – IGIGI
  • Long-sleeve tee – thrifted
  • Jeans – Miss Etam
  • Shoes – thrifted
  • Necklace – Modcloth
  • Bracelet – still available at Ten Thousand Villages
  • Earrings – still available at HeatherlyDesigns

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Throwback IV – February 20, 2013

I sold the shoes in my Tradesy shop because my heels just kept slipping to the side (I have that problem with mules). I am going to be selling the turtleneck, too, because turtlenecks just aren’t my jam.

  • Jeans – Miss Etam
  • Turtleneck – Ann Taylor LOFT
  • sweatshirt – thrifted
  • socks – We Love Colors
  • shoes – Clarks, thrifted
  • hat/headband – Hip Mountain Mama
  • necklace – still available at Ily Couture
  • earrings – still available at Modcloth

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Throwback III – November 2, 2012

  • Sweater – Modcloth
  • Cords – Alloy
  • Shoes – Keen
  • Necklace – garage sale
  • Earrings – Ten Thousand Villages

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Throwback II

Kept everything I wore here. In retrospect, I think these leggings look better when the tunic I pair with them is a bit longer.

I wore this on October 24, 2012.

  • tunic – somewhere in the Netherlands
  • camisole – Lane Bryant
  • leggings & socks – We Love Colors
  • shoes – Tsubo: Millay
  • necklaces – Miss Etam, Anika Burke, Modcloth

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Throwback I – One Year Ago

In the spirit of breathing new life into My Manual of Style, welcome to a week of throwbacks! Lurking in my files are 10 photographed-but-heretofore-unblogged outfits – this one dates from the fall of 2012! I will be posting 1-2 of these per day starting NOW, followed by more current outfits in the weeks to come.

Because my closet? Is still full. And my wardrobe? It still needs culling!

Everything here is still in my possession, save the boots, which I donated back to the thrift store about a month ago. Though I dig the 90s vibe of the enormous soles, they just weren’t getting much wear – probably because they were a bit too snug around the ankles. 

The deets: 

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Hopeful! Assured!

The Fluevogs that will be making their way home with me are these – the Hopefuls: Assured in camel! I liked them in turquoise as well, but since I already have turquoise Fluevogs, I decided to go with this versatile neutral, which I actually found just as lovely.

It was so fun to try on shoes for a couple of hours! I loved most of what I tried; in fact, my very favorite of the bunch were probably the bright blue ankle boots, the Hopefuls: Rosy, but the price was prohibitive to say the least!

I know the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom: Liz look awesome (and they got the most votes on facebook!) but the toe box was a bit short for me. I vastly preferred the fit of the Viv to that of the Liz.

Oh, and please disregard the skin I seem to be shedding in these photos! It’s actually a pair of those very thin nylon socklets they give you at shoe stores, torn to shreds from all the fitting and strutting.

Thanks to my friend Ingrid for serving as my shopping partner and assistant shoe buckler! The previous post’s picture of the Miracles Platform: Shakti actually featured her feet.

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Today I had a blast trying on shoes at the John Fluevog store in the Haight. Guess which of the above will be wending its way home with me this week? The answer shall be revealed on the morrow!

Today I had a blast trying on shoes at the John Fluevog store in the Haight. Guess which of the above will be wending its way home with me this week? The answer shall be revealed on the morrow!

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