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Hopeful! Assured!

The Fluevogs that will be making their way home with me are these – the Hopefuls: Assured in camel! I liked them in turquoise as well, but since I already have turquoise Fluevogs, I decided to go with this versatile neutral, which I actually found just as lovely.

It was so fun to try on shoes for a couple of hours! I loved most of what I tried; in fact, my very favorite of the bunch were probably the bright blue ankle boots, the Hopefuls: Rosy, but the price was prohibitive to say the least!

I know the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom: Liz look awesome (and they got the most votes on facebook!) but the toe box was a bit short for me. I vastly preferred the fit of the Viv to that of the Liz.

Oh, and please disregard the skin I seem to be shedding in these photos! It’s actually a pair of those very thin nylon socklets they give you at shoe stores, torn to shreds from all the fitting and strutting.

Thanks to my friend Ingrid for serving as my shopping partner and assistant shoe buckler! The previous post’s picture of the Miracles Platform: Shakti actually featured her feet.

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